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What struck me more than anything else upon entering Wink Bingo is just how pink the site is. The whole layout is bright, bubbly, and fluffy – very feminine. Wink Bingo is clearly aimed entirely at women. From the photographs of female past winners, to illustrations of women that decorate the site, Wink Bingo knows its target audience and caters to their whims. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as plenty of online gaming sites are shamelessly aimed at males; from dark, foreboding colours, to an array of card-based games, a lot of online gaming sites are made for serious male punters, who are seeking to make lumps of hard cash – and fast. Wink Bingo is specifically aimed at women, and its ultimate aim is for everyone to have fun – and lots of it. The bonus is that you get the chance to win money.

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There are different rooms, which service different games, and the rooms have names such as ‘Yummy Mummies’, ‘Bingo Babes’, and ‘Newbies’, with games including ‘Fluffy Favourites Progressive.’ None of it sounds serious, and doesn’t even vaguely hint that wink bingo review 1online gambling – be it bingo or poker – involves the customer parting with potentially a lot of money, and potentially winning an even greater sum. For all its fluffy and bubbly pretence, though, Wink Bingo is still an online gaming site, as can be noted by a quick glance into the ‘Winners Section’, where there is a list of past winners, some of whom have won as much as twenty-one thousand pounds. This list is accompanied by photographs of said winners, along with a brief quote telling us how they will be spending their winnings. It helps to make Wink Bingo seem friendly and open, rather than faceless and impersonal. So whilst Wink Bingo is, in essence, a gambling site, it doesn’t hurt that it upholds a jolly atmosphere which makes you feel welcomed.


The great thing about online bingo sites is their friendly atmosphere, and Wink Bingo is no different than any others in this regard. Further to its list of winners and funky animations, it encourages communication through its FAQ section, where there are support agents on-hand via live chat 24/7. If the FAQ doesn’t fulfil all your trouble shooting needs, you can easily send a direct messages to a member of the help team. There are also links to their twitter and Facebook pages if you need to contact the team that way. You wink bingo 4may also find updated promotional offers and news there, too.


The home page is easy to navigate, with the title menus, such as ‘Register,’ ‘Games’, ‘Bingo Promotions’, pretty self-explanatory. The registration form is simple and easy to fill out, and there are many ways to pay, including the popular PayPal payment method. There are numerous games available, such as the traditional 90 Ball Bingo that is played throughout the UK. There is also 5 Line Bingo, which is also known as Swedish Bingo. This is a pretty rapid game that increases your chances of winning. As well as bingo, there are also slot games available, as well as the traditional casino game ‘Blackjack.’


There are many eye-catching promotions available, such as the fantastically named I Love Wink, which offers a share of free £50 games to loyal players. Some of the promotions come with a catch – you have to be a member for over a year to make use of some of them, for example – whilst others come with ridiculously long Terms and Conditions, which, when participating in online gambling, can put the punter off. Who wants to scroll through a massive list of Terms and Conditions when all you want to do is play? And if you don’t read through them all, there is always the niggle that you’re setting yourself up to get caught out in some way. Oddly, there is also a promotion called ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, whose name and theme seems completely at odds with the overall ethos of the site.


Once you’ve got started, the games are pretty easy to play. Previous experience with the various kinds of bingo games is, naturally, an advantage. Wink Bingo claims there is ‘never a dull moment at Wink’ and, on the face of it, they’re right. But as explained above, tedious lists of Terms and Conditions, and learning to play new and contrived Bingo games can be a little trying, but overall Wink does offer its customers the chance to have a lot of fun – and the chance to get lucky and win a lot of money. The bubbly colours certainly enhance the idea that you’re here to have fun, and their funky logo is appealing. It’s an eye-catching, vibrant bingo site, and it can also be played on your phone.

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