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BingoLiner claims to be the UK’s top bingo site. Upon entering the website, and having a quick browse, a conversation box suddenly springs open, and a woman – or member of the ‘team’ – begins talking to you, encouraging you to download BingoLiner. At first, this kind of thing can seem intrusive, presumptuous and a little off-putting. It’s the kind of activity you might expect on a dating site, where you can’t move your mouse cursor without ‘Amy from Newcastle’ getting in touch with you to offer you things. On a games website, such activity is hardly expected. It almost feels like you’re walking into a store, only to be confronted immediately by an assistant, whilst really you just want to do a bit of personal browsing.

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However, there are two ways to look at this kind of thing. Firstly, the lady is reminding you – either helpfully or invasively – that to play BingoLiner, you have to download it first. Secondly, the ‘chat online’ option is a good thing, because it promotes instant communication when you’re having problems. Of course, the other way to look at it is that when you enter a games website, you bingoliner homepagewant to be left alone to explore, and to make up your own mind about whether to commit to depositing some of your cash. You don’t want to rush into it, or to have it forced on you. Moreover, the ‘chat online’ option is not there to be abused – if you require assistance, you should be able to go to the chat online option, rather than it coming to you.


To clear up; you have to download BingoLiner to be able to play. You don’t need a credit card to do this, and downloading makes it easier and safer to withdraw your winnings. You can also play games with no deposit, and the home page likes to inform you how much BingoLiner has so far paid out – over a million pounds.


The layout itself is user-friendly, with there being just a few menus and titles for you to choose from when you arrive at the home page. Most of the titles are self-explanatory, such as ‘Download’, ‘What’s On’, ‘Free Bingo’, ‘Help’, and so on. It’s easy to navigate, and if all you want is a game of bingo, it shouldn’t be too difficult to start one up in a matter of minutes. The only irritation is that the ‘Play Now’ option is pretty remote and isolated as a vertically written title at the right of the screen.bingoliner1


Coupled with the user-friendly nature of the website is its overall warmth. For example, there is a Meet the Team section. Although it’s fairly unclear at first what the team actual is (the obvious guess would be that they’re bingo callers, but does online bingo even need bingo callers?) a lot of them talk about ‘roomies’ in their ‘funniest moment in chat’ reminiscences – though it’s also unclear what a roomie is. This kind of cryptic and strange behaviour is, thankfully, not widespread across the website, and so must be taken with a pinch of salt because, although a very short, and somewhat pithy bio from each team member seems completely pointless, the one thing this ‘Meet the Team’ section does offer is a degree of warmth and friendliness; an openness and a willing to engage and interact with its customers. Bingo is, after all, one of the friendliest types of gambling there is, so this type of bingoliner2genial atmosphere is important. The uninventive team bio’s may be off-putting to some, but BingoLiner knows its target audience well.


Along with photographs of the team are photographs and quotes from past winners. There is in fact an overall best ever winners’ list, as well as a list of the previous days winners, which gives you an idea of how much people are winning, as well as on which game they’re doing the winning. This further promotes the idea that online gambling doesn’t have to be faceless and impersonal, as well as giving you the encouragement to go ahead and have a punt – because you may just get as lucky as ‘Jean from Southampton.’


There is also a Loyalty Club, which rewards loyal players with different benefits each month. Bonuses and benefits naturally sound like a good idea, but the amount of benefits you get depends on how much you use BingoLiner – and how much you spend. It’s easy to suspect that to attain the Diamond Loyalty Level, you would have to spend – and perhaps lose – a significant sum. Whilst bonuses can be a good thing – and no doubt they are a nice way to treat loyal customers – the cynics among us could suggest a name-change to ‘endurance bonus’ if you happen to be losing a lot.


BingoLiner also offers other games, such as slots, poker, and casino. Overall, the games are fun, and easy-to-play. The amount you may win doesn’t necessarily depend on how good you are at bingo, or online gambling in general. It’s easy to look at the amount BingoLiner has paid out and expect to be able to win easily yourself – unfortunately, things never work out that way. But it certainly can be done, and BingoLiner is as good as any bingo website out there.

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